Most beautiful places I've visited / by JOYCE WANG

Moraine Lake / Banff Park - Canada

Banff park has been voted one of the most beautiful parks in the whole world. The lakes were truly stunning, one after another with different hues of blue and green. If you can avoid the crowd, stay the night to take some beautiful sunrise and sunset photos. That's the problem, overcrowding at beautiful places!

Koya San - Japan

Koya san is not the most beautiful place I've ever been but no place has had that tranquil effect like it. It's far and I had to change many trains / buses to get there. Once we arrived, the mountain of temples were the most peaceful experience I've ever had. We stayed overnight at one of the temple lodges, which served great vegetarian dishes. Next day, toured the temples, which is a world heritage site that's been around for over 1500 years. Many locals believe the temples here are sacred, if you make a wish, it'd become true. It's one of my favourite places in the world, truly a soul cleansing place.

Lake Wanaka - New Zealand 

Wanaka wasn't the most beautiful place I visited in New Zealand, but this sunset was by far the most memorable, erm, maybe apart from the bungy jump. I'll never be able to forget this sunset!

Isle of Skye - Scotland

Isle of Skye is probably the most under rated destination ever. Maybe because it rains most of the year and is only open during summer months. The scenary is some of the best I've seen in the world, some parts were even better than my New Zealand trip. The best way to visit is to rent a car and drive up from Glencoe, such a beautiful route. 

Franz Josef Glacier - New Zealand

The only time I've visited a glacier. It's a great experience, especially taking the helicopter around to see the full stunning view. So sad the glacier is almost gone due to global warming.