Faviken Magasinet / by JOYCE WANG

I've been to some really disappointing restaurants on the world top 50 list but Faviken thoroughly deserves to be one of the world's best restaurants. It's an experience, the whole thing. The out of nowhere location (I took 2 planes and drove over an hour), the red building, my bunk bed, the small kitchen, the joy of being on the chef's table and talking to people who have travelled cross continent just for food and of course, the amazing produce and cooking. Throughout the night I heard stories of how the trout was caught in the nearby lake, how the dairy cow was aged for 5 months (the longest I've heard so far and the flavour was out of this world), the milk we drunk was unpasteurized, people whispered over 'the good butter' (everyone saw from Chef's table on Netflix), the list goes on and on. Essentially the feeling was they made everything from scratch using only local produce. It's difficult to describe how good this place was, you just have to go and try it for yourself. One of those places that'll challenge you on what food can be, the orchestration of a menu, the timing between each dish etc etc. It's a place you'll never forget. 

p.s I highly recommend that you stay at Faviken for the night, especially for the incredible breakfast!