Neige D'ete - Paris / by JOYCE WANG

To sum up how much I loved Neige Dete, I booked it immediately for my birthday after the first visit. It didn't disappoint, my birthday dinner was even better than my first meal there. The restaurant is very small, only 7 tables or so. All the staff and chefs are Japanese, including the sommelier, which I'm starting to believe it's the best trend in Paris at the moment. Japanese chefs cooking French food really does blend the best of both worlds. French food is often thought to be very heavy and buttery, but the Japanese way gives it a very light finish, much cleaner. The post tasting menu feeling is more uplifting than let's just all crush on the floor. Not to be deceived though, you will feel very very full after. They got their first Michelin star very quickly and it's still a very young restaurant (2 years), yet it's very well known in the foodie world and it constantly have people coming from all around the world to try the food. I'm very very glad to have discovered this place, for sure there will be many more meals to come.