Restaurants I love in Paris 

Paris is culinary heaven. There are too many places to try and it's near impossible to eat all of them. Bare with me, I haven't been to Paris that many times to call myself an expert but I have been recommended some great places. Here are the places that I've tried and love so far. I will add more after each Paris visit. 

Chez George (Rue Du Mail)

If you want classic French this is the place to go. It's been there forever and the menu doesn't change. Everything is good here and portions are huge! It's a small place too, tables are completely joined with absolutely zero space between them, like a massive communal table but that's the charm - cosy and old school French. I've only been here once and really enjoyed the vanilla millefeuille and duck (really big portion!)

Les Papilles 

This place is super cute and charming. Set menu only with 4 courses (with 1 cheese and 1 dessert) and portions are huge again. Everything I had was amazing and I actually preferred this restaurant over Chez George. Although if you are particularly picky, not having an option to choose your dish might be a problem. 

Le 6 Paul Bert

The traditional Bistrot Paul Bert (on the same street) is one of the most famous bistros in Paris, which I still need to try. Le 6 is the modern version and a place that I love so much, somewhere you can't find a single fault. The dishes are lighter and simpler than classic French (easier to digest?). The chicken I had there was easily one of the best chicken dishes I've tried, the only place that did similar flavour was the one I had at Hedone earlier this year. 

Patisseries and Bakeries

Jacques Genin

If you only have time for one patisserie, Jacques Genin is the one. Everything is just so good here. The lemon and basil tart seem to be the most popular. It's definitely the best lemon tart I've tried so far, incredibly refreshing and the basil flavour really worked. I can go on and on, the Paris Brest was the best I've had, the caramel was the best and the millefeuille was the best!!

Du Pain Et Des Idees 

Du Pain Et Des Idees is really easy to spot, there is always a queue. Really famous for their escargot pastries and the pistachio chocolate one seem to be the most photogenic (hyped on instagram). I like it but I preferred it plain, just those amazing layers were enough. The chocolate and raisins fillings were both too sweet for me. Their seasonal hot tarts are amazing too! I tried the apricot one freshly out of the oven, too good. 


Poilane has shops in London too but it tastes much better in Paris. Their apple tart is amazing!

Apple tart