Hello, my name is Joyce.

I used to write the blog LondonTastin but found Tumblr's formatting too annoying so moved my site to a new domain. This new site is no longer a review site, but more a personal diary of my travels, food places and life in general. So read it like a journal, don't dismiss a place just because I didn't like it. Life is short. Travel, eat and love the people that are important to us. Food wise, I only post the places I love so everything on this site are places that I'd highly recommend! 

I do pay for all my meals and I don't write anything as a favour. This is my journal, to document those places I enjoy, for my benefit, so no point to lie in my own journal. Any how, through my last blog, I've made many friends, connected to other foodies in different parts of the world, it's brought me only joy. So please keep recommending me great places to travel and eat! My email is still londontastin@gmail.com